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The Ultimate Guide To Profitably Investing In Bitcoin And Digital Currencies In 2017
Discover the 5 proven strategies you can use right now to passively profit from the fastest-growing market on the planet even if you have zero experience. 
Over the past 15 years of trading and investing in foreign currencies, I've picked up some critical lessons that I'm now applying to digital currencies, like Bitcoin (and others). Hopefully, you can learn from some of my mistakes, and if anything some of the pitfalls to avoid. Bitcoin is said to be the greatest invention since the internet and while it's grown tremendously over the past few years (now has a $90 billion market cap), most people know very little about it... (More)

Bitcoin is extremely powerful, but very different from the currency that you know and use everyday. As such, before you get started there are a few things you should know. 
1. You can use Bitcoin to send or receive any amount of money, with anyone, anywhere in the world, at a very low cost. 
2. Bitcoin allows you to control your money yourself without going through a third-party like a bank or Paypal. 
3. Bitcoin transactions CANNOT be reversed or refunded. You should only deal with people or businesses you trust when sending money. 
4. You can cash out your Bitcoin in your countries currency or you can use it with a number of merchants that currently accept it. More


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